All our rooms have hot water and air conditioning

Myndos Bed and Breakfast could be named among the one of the most serene, beautiful, and relaxing places to stay in the Bodrum Penensula. It will bring back traditions that will delight the senses, and look towards the future as it creates a brand new atmosphere that adds color, falvour and emotions to the village of Gümüşlük. Come spend a weekend, a week or a month and forget your troubles, enjoy the sun and beach, the relaxing and welcoming garden, enjoy home made and localy grown flavours of the day, socialize, find peace and solitude or tour the ruins in this quaint historic Southern turkish Village formerley named Myndos by the ancient Greek civilizations that lived here thousands of years ago.

Myndos Bed & Breakfast rooms are located in a tangerine garden by the sea side. Each room has has a private bathroom, continuous hot water and air conditoning.


Breakfast and recreation area covered in feet cooling grass



We invite our guests to enjoy a delightful Turkish breakfast with hand picked produce that is localy grown. The eggs we offer for our breakfast and dairy products (excluding certain types of cheese) are all from localy raised animals not treated with anti-biotics, and are from cage free animals. We prefer our fruits and vegetables to be organic and localy grown. Freshness of all our foods is of great importance to us and our patrons.